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Why you should recycle toner print cartridges?

Why you should recycle toner print cartridges?

Why you should recycle toner print cartridges?

Your laser/ink toner cartridge is finished. Wondering what to do with the empty toner cartridge?

The best option to deal with the empty toner cartridge is to recycle it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should recycle the empty toner cartridges.

  • Some times, you get money for recycling your cartridges. There are several websites which takes the empty cartridges and issue you some money in return of that. The amount of money is not big but it would make a difference if you or your business prints in bulk volume.


  • Recycling the cartridges have several benefits for the environment. When you recycle your empty print cartridges, there is less wastage on land and less harmful material in the landfills.


  • Recycling the print cartridges helps in lowering the costs over time. The manufacturers do not have any problem finding the empty and recycled toner cartridges if there have recycling being done by businesses. This will lower the cost for the re-manufactured cartridges.







Types Of Printer Toner Cartridges

Types Of Printer Toner Cartridges

Types Of Printer Toner Cartridges

Printers have become common in both the house and the workplace. While utilizing a printer, you also need to know about the various operating printing and information equipment which comes along.

There are primarily two kinds of capsules, specifically, toner cartridge and ink cartridge. It is necessary to use the right sort of cartridge to avoid devastating damages to the printer.

Toner cartridges are used in laser printers also has a fine powder which can be magnetically charged. This fine toner powder is a combination of carbon, plastic black and particles or other colouring agents which help in creating the actual image on the newspaper. Thousands of pages can be printed from a laser printer with one toner cartridge. Printer companies typically advise using their particular cartridges to guarantee the maximum speed of operation.

Types Of Printer Toner Cartridges

Different Types Of Toner Cartridges

It is imperative to buy a cartridge which works with your laser printer. You can even get remanufactured toner cartridges at a lower cost than the new one. There are mainly three kinds of toner cartridges available:


OEM Toner Cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

It's by far the most expensive but the most commonly purchased option. It pertains to buying the cartridge created by the original company of the printer you are using. The most important benefit of using this type of cartridge is the fact that it is not difficult to locate and replace. A guarantee and warranty also back it. You can find OEM toner cartridges of all significant brands on the internet.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Also known as generic toner cartridges, they are produced by a business which is different from the producer of the printer. They are like OEM cartridges designed to match a particular model of a laser printer. They are less expensive than the OEM cartridges, and many reputed sellers even offer warranties and guarantees. Never buy a compatible toner cartridge made by a company that isn't certified as it may damage the printer.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

They're recycled cartridges. Once you've used a toner cartridge to its full capacity, you can send it back to the business. That cartridge will be suitably cleaned and refilled from the firm before sending back to you. These types of cartridges are less costly and eco-friendly.

Knowing various kinds of toner cartridges will assist you in buying the right cartridge for your printing requirements.

You can easily find genuine and reasonably priced printer toner cartridges online. Buying online isn't merely only secure and suitable but also saves a great deal of time. Cartridges of different brands are available online with Toner King, which makes it essential to do proper research before purchasing to help you make an educated choice. Various types of printers are also available on our site. If you require any extra assistance, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-468-6637. One of our printer specialists would be glad to help you!

How To Buy The Best Toner Cartridges Online

How To Buy The Best Toner Cartridges Online

How To Buy The Best Toner Cartridges Online

With the cost of living going higher and higher, the harder consumers strive to find ways and means to save money in order to keep up. One of the most popular ways they do that nowadays is to shop online. Online shopping presents many benefits in addition to ease and convenience. Items bought from online shops are at the same level of quality as their retail counterparts, but are sold at cheaper prices. This is mainly due to the absence of overhead costs that enable online merchants to sell their merchandise at lower prices.

It is because of this factor that people take to the internet for getting their basic needs as well as their life's necessities. Businesses now prefer to get their supplies online because not only can they get their toner cartridges in bulk, they can also get them on wholesale prices that reduce expenses tremendously. Ink cartridges or toner cartridges most especially, are the most sought after items that are being bought online not only because there is a constant need for this, but also because being one of the most expensive type of ink cartridges, there are online sites that sell these at almost 35% less than its retail counterparts.

There is also the choice of getting remanufactured or compatible cartridges which don't really affect your printing quality, and are also sustainable because they can simply be recycled and refilled. In addition, consumers may also opt for generic compatible brands that are also referred to as toner refilling kits. However, it can be tricky finding an online vendor who sells good, high-quality toner cartridges so you need to really exercise careful thought and consideration when doing so.

You can try and find suitable online ink shops to choose from by way of comparison sites. These are sites where reputable retailers register to be able to drive more traffic to their websites. These sites list down all the reputable retailers according to genre and product sold and you can sort through the list by customizing your search parameters to pull up only the results you want. You can sort by price range, brand or type if you want to and once you've made your choice, you can click on the link and be led directly to the manufacturer's website where you will get more detailed information about the item's products or features, as well as customer reviews and testimonials that will be helpful for consumers.

Once you are on your preferred site, it becomes easier to order your toner cartridges online because all the instructions you need are plainly written. You simply choose the inks you want according to your printer model and if you're not sure about your printer model, there are sites that allow you to find your printer model and the corresponding toner cartridges it requires or is at least, compatible with. Then you simply head to check out and make your payments. There are even sites that guarantee that they will beat any advertised prices on inks and toners and that all you have to do is send them the quotes, as well as ones that offer discount for bulk toner purchases.

Buying toner cartridges online reduces your operational expenses tremendously but doesn't compromise the quality of work you turn out. Whether you get the genuine or original equipment manufacturers' inks, remanufactured or compatible versions, you will always get your money's worth. It will also help you to take the time to do your own research on the best online ink shops so that the next time you run out of ink, you'll know where to look and how to get your toner cartridges online.

Never worry about running out of ink when you need it, check out toner cartridges with Toner King and get high quality printing to suit your needs!

Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges

Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges

Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges

There's hesitation among some printer owners to use compatible cartridges. In reality, there is not any need to worry about using compatible toner cartridges. These cartridges can give the same excellent print as the first brand cartridges at a fraction of the purchase price. Below we discuss some of the frequently asked questions concerning compatible cartridges and dispel some of the myths surrounding them.

Why Are Compatible Toner Cartridges Less Expensive?

Many believe that the compatible toner cartridges are more economical since they are created with cheap material and will not work as well as the original manufacturer cartridges. The Printer makers business model is to sell the printers cheap, then recoup the loss by selling the cartridges to get longer. They suppose if you already have the printer, you will purchase their cartridges. On the other hand, businesses that manufacture compatible cartridges can sell for cheaper since they're not trying to recoup the loss on the sale of this printer.

Is the calibre of the compatible cartridges like the first ones?

While we can't talk for all compatible cartridges available on the market, we promise that outside cartridges will do the job just in addition to the first brand cartridges if not better.

My printer doesn't accept compatible cartridges/ I've been told to use OEM cartridges.

We frequently hear people say that their printer doesn't accept compatible cartridges, so they have been advised they can only use their brand cartridges. This isn't in any way correct. The printer makers will inform you that you can use theirs only because they would like you to buy them from them, not since compatible cartridges don't work. Many printers manufacturers have lost lawsuits where they've attempted to make it impossible to utilize compatibles. The courts have determined it is only reasonable to allow users to use those cartridges they'd like in their printer.

I just did a firmware update, and the compatible cartridges aren't recognized.

It's always suggested to turn off some firmware updates if you are using compatible cartridges. While it's illegal for the original makers to prevent you from using compatible cartridges using their printers, they will often do upgrades into the printer firmware which is likely to make the compatibles give error messages. If this happens, you can try rolling the update, or if possible, you can replace the microchip on the cartridge using an upgraded chip.

Will compatible cartridges ruin my printer void my warranty.

A lot of people believe that compatible cartridges will ruin their printer either by locking up the printer or by massaging ink or draining toner inside the system. While there does exist a few shallow end compatible cartridges on the market, or refilled cartridges which could cause problems like clogging the printer, therefore they won't damage your printer in any way.

How To Save Money Using Compatible Cartridges

How To Save Money Using Compatible Cartridges

How To Save Money Using Compatible Cartridges

For many, buying new cartridges requires a massive bite out of the budgets, and sometimes, it may make them wish they had purchased an ink established printer instead.

Toner is needed to be able to print out of laser copiers and printers. Without a cartridge that is filled, you won't be in a position to do some printing. Should you possess a colour laser printer, the cost for an entire set of colour toner cartridges may even surpass the printer cost.

The simplest way to acquire the ideal toner for your printer or copier is to buy the branded toner from the manufacturer or a shop. Nonetheless, these goods are generally far from being inexpensive, and anybody who does lots of printing very often will probably be struck with to buy a lot of toner cartridges. You might, of course, await all these things to go on sale in a shop, but you likely would not have the ability to acquire the toner which you want right once you want it.

Compatible cartridges will be able to allow you to save a good deal of money on printing. These capsules are similar to their branded counterparts. Some are made in ISO-9001 licensed factories. The significant distinction is they don't have a new name on them, and they generally cost a whole lot less.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Many folks fear that utilizing an abysmal toner cartridge will void their warranty or supply them with horrible print quality. Luckily, this isn't the situation. Just ensure you use the perfect toner cartridge with your machine, and you'll be OK.

The ideal spot to locate and buy compatible cartridges is on the net. There are now numerous shops which carry these generic cartridges, and you may even have the ability to discover toner that's compatible with older devices. To be able to make choosing the correct cartridges simpler, some cartridges use straightforward names including the manufacturers and versions of the printers they are compatible with.

To be able to receive the best prices on toner, you need to shop around and compare a lot of costs. Make sure you bring any revenue taxes and shipping costs for your closing expenses. Moreover, if you need to purchase in bulk, start looking for a shop that provides discounts and free delivery for bulk toner cartridges.

If you aren't pleased with the quality of the capsules, you can request a refund within the guarantee period, which is provided one year. If you happen to get a faulty cartridge, then they'll also offer a free exchange.

Start shopping around on Toner King now to discover how much money you'll save using compatible cartridges.

Save Money With Compatible Cartridges

Save Money With Compatible Cartridges

Save Money With Compatible Cartridges

Owning a printer is a great help in times of printing needs and if you run a business, it is even more important. The one downfall of having an inkjet printer is the costs that will incur because of ink. The inkjet cartridges that you use for this type of printer are expensive for anyone who uses them. The problem with this is that you cannot use the inkjet printer without ink and these are the only way to go. There are other options for inkjet printers though, and one of the best and easiest ones that you can use is to buy compatible ink cartridges.

Compatible ink essentially means that it is an ink cartridge, the same that you buy for your printer now, only it comes from a third-party company. This means that a third-party is a company responsible for making all the supplies that the other brand name companies do, just cheaper. You see this in many grocery stores when they have and sell their generic brand of something for a lower price compared to the name brand. Because it is manufactured and sold under a third-party name, the price is lower than that you see from the bigger brand names. This way would be a great alternative to constantly buying from the big name companies.

Not only are you going to find compatible ink cartridges, you can also find compatible toner cartridges as well. This means that no matter what type of printer you have, if it is an inkjet or a laser printer, you can find affordable ink for the office.

When you buy brand name office supplies, you pay for the name of the company manufacturing it on top of the cost of the plastic cartridge and the ink inside, but when you shop for compatible ink and toner, you can get the same piece of plastic cartridge for less.

The great thing about compatible inkjet cartridges is that the quality you want for your printed pieces will not be sacrificed in the name of buying something cheaper. The ink inside the compatible ink cartridges is just as good as the ink for brand name cartridges. This is great because your company can save money on ink while not needing to worry about this cheaper ink making things look bad. If your company does a lot of printing, this is a great avenue for everyone to take.

Using compatible ink cartridges will help you sleep easier at night because you will not worry about spending too much money on supplies at work and you can have beautiful masterpieces when everything is done.